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  1. No, instead they give you a seven day return period with no questions asked on used As you said before, it actually works well in that customers trading in and get in and out It’s a calculated business decision; help the customers spend less time in the store while risking the occasional problem as this post, which is then handled by the aforementioned return It sucks when you do have a problematic game, but it rocks when you want to just try out a game and return

  2. The Phantom Menace was an attempt to rewrite the rules of how big budget sci-fi action flicks got The idea of shooting almost the whole thing on a green screen was very The radical tonal shifts and "throw everything in" style was also innovative, even though it proved Lucas shot for the He failed in spectacular and hilarious fashion in part, no doubt, to being surrounded by sycophants , but he was As for The Force Awakens, why would Disney dare take a risk with the first film in their new IP empire? Abrams was a sure and steady hand to produce something that would have mass appeal while still giving nods to die hard This is why reviews all say it is well made but predictable and drawing too much from the

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