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  1. It’s all true, but the trip to Lex to watch the Auburn game was supposed to be one son for the first half and one for the second. The Rupp ticket takers would not allow me to hand one son off to my wife and bring the other one, Chris, in for the second half. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Still can’t understand the harm in doint that, but Rupp has rules.

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  4. Emilialle kiitos sanoista – on tosiaan totuttelua tuohon kiinteään polttoväliin, kun on niin kauan kuvannut zoomobjektiivilla :)Hei kaima ilman j:tä 😉 Ihmisten ja erilaisten yksityiskohtien kuvaamiseen tämä on kyllä huippu, en ole muuhun oikein kerinnyt koittamaankaan. Vaikka muotokuvalinssiksi tämän siis alunperin tilasin. En kadu sekuntiakaan! Täytyypä tulla piipahtamaan blogiisi! Niin ja kiva, kun liityit lukijoihin 😉

  5. Great site here. Lots of blogs like this cover subjects that can’t be found in magazines and newspapers. I don’t know how we got on 15 years ago with just print media.

  6. hey mr t i don’t know as well i am worried about davey again because he has not been on the blog for a few days now you could be right he could be on one of his benders from graham holland

  7. cal on January 4, 2012 wow you look fabulosa there with the captain ifo your GOURGEOUS house!love the rubberfloor tiles in the kitchen, the black chairs in the lounge, the fabric nation blue fabric, that blue seat outside! thank-god you went with an all white kitchen with those pops of blue – that cupboard!

  8. À l’avion … Le pire c’est les autres ! D’ailleurs dans le train, à Lyon je m’occupais du petit bout qui gargouillait tranquilement dans son coin et j’entends une voix d’homme me dire « je crains d’être à coté de vous »… Il est parti au bout de 5 min – pffffffff

  9. Qual'e' il problema di rilasciare la nostra data e luogo di nascita e sesso?In Italia lo forniamo ogni volta che comunichiamo il nostro Codice Fiscale!!!In Cile invece hanno un anonimo numero sequanziale: tu sei il cittadino n.52827432 e basta!!

  10. G’day, Ik ben de Oom van Kees Kamp en woon samen met mijn familie in Brisbane, Australie. Dit is een leuk manier om te zien wat Keesje allemaal op school doet. Veel plezier in het nieuwe jaar.Het schooljaar hier is al halverwege, het begin namelijk eind Januari. De zomervakantie is in Dec & Jan.Houdoe, Melanie, Bas, Natascha & Flynn

  11. dit :david, breivik était de droite, cesse de le nier. il a agit de facon violente, mais c’est parce qu’il est fou, pas parce qu’il est de droite. il avait une entreprise ( entrepreneur de gauche?), contre le socialisme, le communisme, l’islamisme, etc. Breivik était un nationaliste, sur le plan économique et identitaires. Me rappelle le PQ. Va relire les extrait que j’ai donné de son manifeste.

  12. 02/05/2010 – 9:11pmSí, lo más seguro es que tengas razón. Pero bueno entre nosotros creo que no hay nadie que sepa como mueven su dogma periodistico.

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  14. What I don't get about Israel wanting to destroy Muslim Iran is that if Iran were to say convert to Christianity, then all the hotties there would put Israeli babes to shame. And the men there are not too stupid either. So once the shackles of Islam were to be removed, then Israel faces the kind of competition it got from Christian Lebanon, which was one of the reasons it bombed the place to smithereens. Surely a mullah Iran is more comforting to Israel than a Christian Iran with all their talent and babes unleashed. I'm sure Israel does NOT want that.

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  16. I do like the elastic idea because I wouldn't have to change too much. But I understand your point, it isn't really an "elegant" solution. And "One-a-Day" …. hm, I'm already behind … but it's a good aim isn't it. Right now I am simoultaneously working on a wire-wrapped necklace, updating and sorting my iTunes library with a bunch of Michael Jackson songs I didn´t have before, and e-mail/blog/flickr/etsy … Multitasking, might it be one reason why I don't produce so quickly?

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  23. , but “how long that is going to take and, frankly, even ultimately whether it will succeed, I can’t predict.”===============================================Jeez, the animosities will be around for centuries. This is what the “war will work” crowd…the architects of the disaster were duly warned about. These positive, encouraging, hopeful signs have very little to do with there being any change in direct in this war. One thing’s for sure — that when someone is given the assignment to go out and find a “hopeful sign”, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will come back with one.

  24. Naja, mit den schnelleren Internetjahren ist ja gemeint, dass der Technologiefortschritt viel schneller ist als in anderen Branchen und das Wachstum der Internetunternehmen schneller ist und dergleichen, aber warum sollten die prozentualen Klickzahlen sich großartig verändert haben inzwischen, das glaube ich nicht.

  25. In terms of NFL QBs. The ratio of Black to White in this country is 7 to 1. Unless you believe Blacks are genetically superior athletes there is no reason why there should be more than 3 to 5 Black QB in the NFL.When Blacks are overrepresented in certain Professional sport positions its almost always because the postion requires speed and/or jumping ability.

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  27. >Josephine: Ã…h tack, det tycker vi med :)Amanda: Vad kul att du gillar!Bodda: Haha ja bättre sent än aldrig. Det faktum att man gillar hur saker och ting ser ut är allt en bra anledning att pryda sin kropp det med! Demon är skönast i stada. Nu fÃ¥r vi se vad nästa tatuering kan tänkas bli …

  28. Malenge | (13:17) Finalement, vous transformez ce site en lingalaphone. Exprimez-vous correctement car il n’y a pas que des kinois ou congolais qui sont censés visiter ce blog. Vous faites des déclarations en lingala pour quelle catégorie des gens ? Tous les congolais ne sont pas censés connaître le lingala qui n’est qu’une des cuatre langues nationales de la RDC.Je suis du Katanga et malgré que j’ai visité Kinshasa à plusieurs reprises, je ne me suis jamais intéressé à cette langue et je ne m’y intéresserai jamais alors épargnez-nous de cela.

  29. The Google Chrome auto translate option for these patterns was really funny!I like seeing the blogs in other languages, kind of nice to know there are others all around the world that love the same things I love!

  30. : en tous cas, tu as tort d’écrire « tord » avec un « d ».@Roland Guerre : pour concilier Free et Tea Party, on n’a qu’à faire une « free party » !@lejlp : Alors comme ça, Free s’apprête à lancer ses « abandonnements téléphoniques portables » ! S’ils s’adonnent à cette activité, ils commettent un forfait (téléphonique), il vaut alors mieux abandonner et s’inscrire aux abonnés absents !

  31. Wow, now I’m worried. You are entering the contest? And not with Nutella and graham crackers? You sound all secretive and stuff. Like you are planning some big production. *smiling weakly and attempting to put on my best game face* Please understand, JM, I adore you but your efforts shall be in vain as I plan to conquer everyone this contest. I’m a steam-roller baby. I plan to roll all over you.Wait, that might be one of my guilty pleasures, too.

  32. Este es un cínico y un hipócrita de campeonato, se le nota a la legua la educación farisea que le han dado los curas.No ataca al PP porque puede necesitarles en Catalunya para formar gobierno en la Generalitat y sería capaz de vender a su madre y regalar en el mismo paquete a su padre con tal de volver al Govern.

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  34. só não unidade de esquerda porque os 2 grandes partidos de esquerda estão naquela competição estúpida do “a minha pilinha é maior/melhor que a tua”. E enquanto não forem encostados à parede plas suas posturas sectárias, esses gajos não vão mexer uma palha pla “unidade”

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  39. Ça dit pas que tu as un problème, ça dit pourquoi ça prend du temps… Après à toi de tirer tes conclusions, oui t’acceptes que ça prenne du temps, non tu changes quelque chose. Moi personnellement j’avais fini par accepter que ça prendrait du temps étant donné ma personnalité. On se sent plus léger après une fois qu’on a fait le choix.

  40. Dearest Vix,I totally agree, I'd also rather be single than to have to share my life with someone who doesn't share my passions…not that Mark likes to frollick around in vintage frocks but atleast he loves the fact that I do.Jon looks a dapper chap indeed in his cheapskate outfit, I bet that if you put a bloke dressed in £100 worth of TOPMAN gear and Jon side by side peeps would still think that Jon's outfit cost more…that frock coat is AWESOME and I love the super duper cool man bag too!Lot's of love,JenniexXx

  41. I'm still upset having been lectured about the taysachs in quebec 'obvioulsy caused by selective pressure to increase IQ', just to have the next post questioning this relation.I guess in this second post i would have been lectured that 'it obviously has nothing to do with selective pressure to increase IQ'. Anyway.I believe that asians and occidentals might reach the same numerical performances as measured by IQ, or about the same, but their way of thinking is radically different in some, not all but some, issues.

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  51. Os Homens „medem-se“ por aquilo que valem às claras! As „catacumbas“ são para os que têm medo que os raios de sol „iluminem“ os seus actos.

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  53. Kate – we have a breakfast menu at the Farm Market. Typically a baked french toast with seasonal fruit topping and always a breakfast sandwich with your choice of artisan bread, egg, ham and white cheddar cheese. Thanks!

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  55. Man, why can’t we get someone who can muscle and is taller than 6’10″? For us to take ‘the next step’ we need that type of player. I know it’s not easy getting that guy with the limited pool to fish in, but with Lehigh now getting some ‘cred’ in the basketball world, one would hope we could land a ‘big one’ soon!

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  59. pieces, wow impressive!snavy, egads. get into bed right now. don’t read this again.. you heard me young lady…go!fred, i am half tempted to slip the answers to ya just so i can break the 4 way tie that exists

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  61. Just eat a pumpkin bar. Don’t make up shit about how you didn’t have any carbs (oh wait you mean starchy grain because you are an idiot!) in your meal and just eat a stupid pumpkin bar. Good fuck.As it stands with all the sugar in her meal I don’t know why she has to “justify” eating a dessert when her candied carrot bbq sauce has enough sugar in it to be considered a dessert.

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  73. OMG cat cafe?!I follow them or someone else who post pictures of the cats on instagram! I wish there was something like that in the US. just curious… where do the do their business? lol i hope their litter box is all the way in the back room or something!!!! lol

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  77. Michelle – yes, it just slips right over the strap. You have to take one end of your strap off of the camera and then slip it on. It fits snug and really doesn’t move at all. I have mine over the Canon strap that comes with the 5D, but I think all of the straps are pretty similar in width. I’d email Shealynn if you have questions about measurements!

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  85. oh sweetie! I feel your painI am SO sad Lorelei stopped nursing (if my milk had not dried up during pregnancy; she’d have kept going I’m sure)Don’t let society lead you….. what does society know? they get most things wrong anyway!: (Hugs…..pray and do as God leads younot as society would tell you to do.By this point, society already thinks we are freaks for nursing so long, anyway… what’s another year or 2?[]

  86. Poindexter, it worked, I increased my score!! Thank you so much for your help, and iammighty, thank you for suggesting that I try his method. E-star, I watched your video, Try Poindexter’s, as mighty suggested. I know you will improve even more!!!! Make sure your video is running!! 🙂

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