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  1. I work out alone at home in my It used to be embarrassment I started at 349 lbs but now it’s just I do it before my kids get home from school, or after they’ve gone to

  2. If you are into wide-field, go with short a focal length and fast aperture ratio & try to get images of Andromeda, Orion nebula, Plejads, h&chi persei, Milky way and so on :- Go somewhere where it’s dark, where you can see the milky If you don’t have two left thumbs, build a simple barn-door It’s really just two bords, a hinge, a threaded rod and a couple of Rarely you can also get a used Celestron 130 EQ **MD** for way under The telescope + camera would be a bit too much for the mount but still usable for planets, moon but you can put the camera on the mount without telescope to use as wide-field tracking For "serious" imaging, check out the telescopes link I If you want to get a telescope, keep in mind that for imaging, the mount stability and precision is For visual, a large aperture is Getting a telescope for both results in some compromise especially on a budget Most amateur astronomers get a smaller imaging set-up and a large light-bucket instead of trying to get one telescope for Clear skies, good luck, have fun! :-

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